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Monday, June 7, 2010

K beginnings...again

Well, although the house at large is on summer session, I have begun grade K with Alexander the Great (AtG). Charming and adorable, this freshly five year old is thrilled to finally start school. In his house, education is praised and little boys who attend school are truly receiving a gift. His mother has done a great job of instilling the importance of education in her children already and reinforces this message by attending school herself. All errors aside, she should start officially on August 23. So, while AtG begins a new chapter, his mommy will too!

His K year is really pretty easy -- no pressure. He doesn't need to start K until next year, so my plan is to ease into reading and math; the other subjects will be the proverbial, gravy.  I'm using Nina Traub's methods, essentially, combined with some teacher training from Sensational Strategies, which basically uses Traub's method's; and then combining the two with a smidge of The Phonics Road, which we'll continue on next year and eventually throughout all of elementary school. All in all, AtG will get a very nice introduction to Orton-Gillingham methods of teaching reading. We'll cover audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning, as does any good OG program, and hopefully, come next summer, he'll have 31 phonemes all settled in nicely :) It's nice to do the "Letter a Week" with a little structure from the OG programs. It makes my life easier, while providing quality, not busy work, for AtG.

For math, I'm using Family Math with him. Basically, this is an introduction to comparing, a great plan for beginning math. We'll also include lots of card games. You'd be surprised at the ability of a child to learn number recognition, counting, skip counting, and addition by playing cards. Whenever we get through Family Math, we'll head to Singapore Math.

The gravy is joining the rest of us in our history and science studies. Every day AtG ask, "Miss Tina, are we doin' an 'speriment today?" He loves science! So far, I'm letting he and his big brother enjoy some Charlotte Mason style nature study. Our butterfly garden is in full bloom; a beautiful display of Monarch beauty. He is mesmerized.

I admit I'm not thrilled about K anymore, but I sure am blessed at his excitement for school. It's so nice and refreshing to have a student begging for school, instead of groaning about essays, summaries, and unit exams. He works hard and smiles at every victory. I think I'll have to add him to my list of favorites :)


adiaz-green said...

I loved this blog.Not only because it spoke of "Alexander the great" and myself but because I could feel how passionate you are about teaching, and about my family.Its a long road coming for all of us.Thank you for the extra time and hard work in assisting us to move forward.
Thank you Tina Gilbert(and crew) for showing us family,love,strength,guidance,understanding,and gods word.
We love you
Alicia Diaz-Green

Tina said...

sniff, sniff...this made me cry. You're so very welcome. God is gracious to give us each other. We all love you all.


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