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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crossing Over Subject Lines with The Phonics Road Vol. 2

We're in frozen mode with PR2, Week 24. It's time to work toward application a bit more, as I see the boys' minds have come to a halt in their ability to take anymore in! So, here's an example of how I can use the PR Principles and Lessons in history.

We're studying American expansion right now, so after reading, Wagon Train by Sydelle Kramer and Gold Fever: Tales from the California Gold Rush by Rosalyn Schanzer I had the boys tell me some facts about how people from all over the world traveled to California to find GOLD! (meant to "sound" just like Mr. Liddy --- my entire household cracks up every time and shouts, "GOLD!")

Anyways, here's the outline I wrote as they gave me facts. I made sure to point out the importance of lining up an outline, drew a colored line down the lines for them to really get a good view of the format, then they copied it; so we got reading comp., outlining practice, and copy work all done for the day...WOOT!
(centered on writing paper) Gold Fever -- Race to California!
I.  Boat Travel
    A. Around Cape Horn
    B. To Panama
        1. Mules through the rainforest
        2. Steamer to San Francisco
    C. Nicaraqua
        1. Mules through the rainforest
        2. Steamer to San Francisco

II. Wagon Trains in America
    A. Horses
    B. Covered wagons
    C. Walking
    D. Crossing lands
       1. Desert
       2. Prairie
       3. Rocky Mountains

Here are some ways to expand from here, if at all. We'll just leave this be b/c it's our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (YIPPEE!), but if it wasn't we might:
  • Turn the outline into sentences and then paragraphs.
  • Use the outline as an oral review and have them dictate complete sentences with me.
  • Use the outline and have them identify parts of speech with each word.
  • Go back and make errors in the outline and have them correct form.
  • Print this largely on computer paper, cut out and re-arrange in strange order. Then they will sit down and put the pieces in the right spot. This will help with formation and so they get "topics" together correctly (directly related to paragraph writing)
So, for those who are wondering about whether or not you need extra writing materials with PR, keep your eyes on my blog. I hope to convince you that you don't :) Once I've introduced a skill in our Language Arts program, I make sure they know the tool s for all areas of life and learning....kinda the point of using an all-in-one language arts program, least my point :) YMMV.

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