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Friday, June 18, 2010

Apologia Honors Biology Lesson Plans w/ Movies, Living Books and a Nature Study

Initially, I was just gonna follow Apologia along with lesson plans, but then I came across this blog. Knowing the Bard and Book Devourer is really more of Charlotte Mason kid than a classical one, I decided to add in living books to our study too, along with a nature study. We've never really done a CM style nature study, so I thought now would be a good time. So, I ask the Forums for living book suggestions. Yeah...try over 80 suggestions! I, of course, being an overachiever had to alphabetize and review each of the books so I could decide what direction we'd turn. Then, as per Tina-style, I had to tweak the whole darn thing and add movies for Rockin' Guitar dude, my visual learner. All that turned into the Honors program I have piece-mealed. It's kinda like Tapestry for Science, a theme I'm developing as I am also designing a multi-level physics program for the rest of the Gilbert Gang. I posted the plans here. If you'd like to have them, but can't download for any reason, email me and I'd be happy to share. I'm really not sure if the link is working, so if not, you may search Gilbert Academy Goodies, johnandtinagilbert or Apologia Honors Biology; otherwise, just email and I'll send them your way. computer skills are lacking!

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TarrySue said...

I would love to see you plans. I am trying to ramp up our Biology for next year for my 9th grader. I will be teaching it for the third time and want to incorporate some different elements into it. Love your blog by the way! We use Phonics Road too.


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