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I love the Lord as much as a broken person can; love and loved by my husband; blessed by 5 amazing little people who have helped me to learn much about me; grateful to serve even more as God gives them to me; blessed every day to be a home school teacher; college student; I hope to change the world by loving as many people as possible, because there is nothing greater than loving another.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Reason or Two to Love TOG

After using TOG for 3 years, I believe it has made me a better teacher. Using TOG taught me how to dig deeper, go farther, and set the bar high for my family. I didn't know where to set the bar sometimes, and TOG paved the way. It has also encouraged me to be a more active learner. Finally, using TOG has given me the courage to make science more like TOG, even if I have to do it myself.

That's all May your TOG journey help your grow where you're planted too!

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