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Friday, May 28, 2010

Week in Review May 24-28

This has been a great week. As the end draws near and a light summer schedule is in sight, we have spent this week trying to finish up and hold on to hope 'til the end!

The Little League is finished with grammar and spelling for the year. We stopped at lesson 24 of PR so we can simply review the huge variety of parts of speech and spelling rules. I've been strongly focusing on all of our acquired skills during science and history times. The Little League has Really upped their writing assignments. They've been writing a ton this week. The Ax Man does not love this, but alas, too bad! Games are on the daily summer schedule!; We are finishing up the entire Literature study of Little House in the Big Woods. The boys couldn't wait to finish it until next fall. They are enjoying the story so much and eager to read to the end. We'll just keep going by reading a weeks worth/day over the summer and enjoying the offered activities.

Same old for everybody in math. Watching a variety of DVDs (b/c there are a variety of children), reading math books and completing 1 assignment every day. This will continue throughout the summer -- no break for math!

History has been great. I had the pleasure of handing out assignments for our last week, today. One more week to go and we're finished with TOG Year 3, Unit 2! We've enjoyed greatly stories of Pioneers, the Oregon Trail, and also the great advancements of the Victorian Age. It's led to great bible study on reliance on God during difficult times....just when we thought we had it tough, we learned about the lives of pioneers and realized just how easy we have it! Darling is working on a pinata for our unit celebration; we've decided on some food; and the Elders will be polishing reports to present to our guests. I think they have a good understanding of the Jacksonian Age, both victorious and tragic, and they are getting a feel for the Spirit of America from times past. It's been a delight to discuss all these studies with them. They've grown a lot as students this year and offer excellent discussion times.

The Little League learned about Samual Morse and wagon trains this week. We did the fill in the blank activity from America: Interdisciplinary Lessons and to my surprise, they called it, "Fun." Who-da thunk a fill in the blank could be fun!?! The boys hustled and played catch up (due to illness last week) and covered the Great Famine of Ireland, too. The "You Wouldn't Want to..." series is great. We learned a ton about the "Great Hunger" and did some wonderful note booking.

The Elders are still pushing through chemistry. Whenever they finish, they're finished for the summer. The Little League and I are wrapping up next week, so this week, we did several experiments. I finally got rechargeable batteries for our camera, so I was able to photo journal our experiments. This makes for better note booking! The boys look at themselves in the pictures and their explanations come alive! They remember so much more! So, they tell me, I dictate back their sentences, and then we have a place where we can reinforce grammar and spelling. Working beautifully!

We watched our last Latin DVD for the year....glad to be almost finished with Level 1. We should wrap that up in late Sept or early Oct.

Finally, we finished up our last week of Write Shop. We started this in late winter this year and I am so.very.pleased. with the results. I'll include my best writers final descriptive paragraph for your enjoyment. It's not perfect, but I am certainly pleased with our progress. The assignment simply was to describe a place. He took one of the picture books we're using for history and went to work.

An Untouched Natural Valley
A spread of, dark, blue sky hovers above a secluded landscape, marked by puffs of foggy, white clouds, seemingly floating into the endless abyss. Ash black mountains paint a pronounced backdrop that sports serrated peaks, appearing to claw for the sky. Beautiful, pure, white snow throws a broken and gapped blanket, splendid in sheen and appearance, onto the mountain. A rough imitation of a blue jay’s egg, small, dirty, white and periwinkle rocks, scatter the brown mossy ground. A middle border of low, thick and lush, grass, green like a jungle canopy, hugs the soft, nutritious soil. The smell of the small clumps of dark pink and sparse white petunias, delights the nostrils, and gives a sweet fresh design to shower the ground. Sprinkled like dew across the grasses, the blossomed flowers, regal in the sunlight, feel smooth and velvety on the tips of my fingers. In the center of the delicate valley lies a limpid spring, gently trickling over the smooth stones like a careless whisper floating past, until it fades away altogether. Dark and royal, a rich azure, the small spring completes the serene and secluded vale.


Moonbeam said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful week. The writing selection is very impressive. I can see why you are pleased.

WildIris said...

Are you going to read Farmer boy over the summer?

Your accomplished some much this week. All writing programs have the same prompt: Describe a place. We're doing this one next week. Thanks for sharing the student work.I enjoy reading what other kids write, their word choice how put the words together. Nice job!

Tina said...

We are going to read Farmer Boy. It's the summer read aloud the Little League has to read to me :) I'm really looking forward to it.


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