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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week in Review May 10-14, 2010

Well, this has been a different week. My 3 extras are out of town, so that meant super easy school for me :)

The Ax Man continued working through Singapore 2B and read aloud two chapters of Stuart Little to me each day. That's it! He played, and played, and played...he's very pleased about that!

Darling carried on in usual fashion. We're reading Life of Fred Fractions together each day, then she does the "Your Turn to Play." The story of Fred is great and she's getting a nice review to the many things she learned in MUS. I also had her pick up her Singapore Math WB, something we've had on hold for some time. We're working through that fairly well, and it's serving as a great way to apply what she's learned between Fred and MUS to a program that looks different.

Lil' Mother and Bard carry on in their own math studies and Rockin' Guitar Dude started his next math program :)BTW, he got a 100% on his MUS Algebra Final..I'm very proud! Following Dana Mosley DVD's he's picking up on 3 chapters in the Larson Alg. 1 text that were not in MUS, so he can begin Alg. 2 next fall. I REALLY like the Mosely DVDs. What a great teacher! It really helps me to have a visual of the lessons, so I'm available to answer questions. Good stuff and worth the digging on Amazon! If you're interested in saving $$ and using the Mosely DVDS, just email me, I have ISBNs (special thanks to Pongo at the WTM boards for sharing her money saving technique).

Everybody is whizzing through Noeo Chemistry (levels 2 and 3) to get finished. Lots of experimentation goin' on these past couple of weeks. They have all been told, "When you finish your lesson plan, you have summer off from science!" They're moving along nicely, as you might imagine ;)

We're moving through the Victorian Age in history. What a full time of invention and a new era in great literature! The Little League is enjoying Oliver Twist, Darling gets A Christmas Carol and the Elders read David Copperfield. I had to read them all b/c I just couldn't resist Dickens...just couldn't!

We're also studying Australia. I'm gonna close that study off with mini-books and a great video next Monday...just waitin' for my Green boys to come home ;)The Elders will be quite familiar with Queen Victoria by the time we move on. Darling made a Christmas Carol file folder game. I'll include pics next week..I need camera batteries!

Regular stuff carries on, vocab, spelling, grammer....Latin Road gets a highlight this week b/c I am diggin' on the DVDs. They save me so much time! Time Management is getting better all the time and my boys are both being very timely since they got, well...some old fashioned discipline last week...if ya' know what I mean. Crazy when they're bigger than you, but effective apparently b/c this week has been exceptionally timely.

Finally, there's me. I'm a plannin' machine! I thought I'd use this week, since I have so little teaching to do, to get prepared for next year. I've got my lists drawn, plans in mind, now I have to get to it! It's daunting, but after reading up on a few things, ala WTM forums, I'm good to go. I just need to sit down and do it!

So that's it for our week, nothing exciting...but still full of prospects as I look forward to another year of home schooling and learning, learning, learning for a bunch of 8 (including myself) next year. It's cool to learn so be encouraged with an observation I shared on the WTM board:

It's so wonderful to feed our children.

Of my five and the extra in school, only half of them enjoy personal reading. For the other 3, reading doesn't come as easy, so it seems like work. I'm always working toward the numbers being at 100%, though, and I do see glimmers of hope growing in the Workers.

Anyways, as I prepare for next year, there are more and more books lying around; and simply b/c I'm looking, my library is coming to life! I'm reminded of books they're ready for now and offer them things to read for pure enjoyment -- books I know they'll appreciate (btw, the Lovers are always doing this anyways, and the Workers are sometimes).

Thus, my's so wonderful to feed our children! It's like watching someone enjoy a marvelous, gourmet meal. I offer this observation as an end of spring, early summer encouragement to us all as we work toward whats to come and iron out what we hope will be!

Keep up the good work everyone, and feed your children!


Robyn said...

Nice to have a "relaxed" week! Although... you got a lot done despite not having everyone home! LOL about the discipline for those taller than you! I can't imagine, but I know I'll be there someday! Have a great weekend!

tadtown said...

My son is also working through LoF, Singapore, and MUS. I am wondering if I am doing too much, but reading your post makes me feel better. There can never be too much math, right? :)


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