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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Latin Road to English Grammar...a quick summary

We've benefited from the Latin Road to English Grammar. It comes with student text, teacher manual (including all student materials), pronunciation CD and a teacher training DVD option. Initially, I was learning and teaching, but since time is not on my side, I use the DVDs now, happily . We watch them together one day a week and the dc work throughout the next 9 days solo, asking if they need help. The program includes daily lesson plans, which of course, you can take or leave. Tis can be started as early as 5th grade, but I'd encourage your dc to be in the Logic Stage before beginning this scribe heavy program.

*The program assumes a strong English grammar understanding.* If you don't get English grammar just yet, then try the Bridge to the Latin Road,'ll help ;)

The nuts and bolts are:
1.Copywork to create a notebook from which your dc could actually teach Latin. There is a lot of scribing.

2. Translation and sentence marking, both Eng. to Lat. and vice versa, via textbook (not a textbook style textbook, though)

3. Vocabulary building, including a CD with pronunciation (student text).

4. Read aloud to practice pronunciation, also on the CD (student text).

5. Worksheet that serves as a chapter review.

6. Test every 2 chapters.

I admit it's not exciting and the children don't rave about how much they love Latin, but it is very effective and although it is a lot of work, my children (grades 6-8) are almost finished with Y1 and all are retaining and making high marks. By the time the 3-year program is finished, they will have earned 2-years of high school Latin credit. Once again, Barbara Beers does a remarkable job of clear, concise education in Language Arts.

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