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Thursday, April 15, 2010

What does your organizational binder look like?

Here's mine :)

in the front pocket, paper full of little bullet boxes I can check off with every subject we have:
Days of the week (across top in columns)
subjects (1st column) boxes for each day.
I use this to quickly have daily meetings just to mark off what I know is finished.

In rings:
pouch with general supplies (pens, highlighter, mini staple, paper clips, tissue, etc.)

In sleeves:

  1. cover/emergency page - hand written
  2. annual calendar
  3. passwords to websites, etc
  4. "Person to Person" things I need to remember that I loan or need to say
  5. auto maintenance record
  6. favorite poems, words of encouragement, etc.
  7. reminders on personal behavioral goals89
  8. daily chore and personal routine
  9. children's daily chores and personal routines
  10. cleaning zones - areas for daily cleaning beyond general chores
  11. hot spots - those places where we tend to pile out stuff
  12. specific chores for each zone (5 pages)
  13. a spiral notebook for my to do lists
  14. page with schooling decisions that are different from our usual schedule
  15. dividers for each day of the month with a double page spread to include all daily subjects I teach and space to write the specific assignments (I created the template from a DonnaYoung idea, tweaked to my pleasure)There is one template for 4 days of the week and a different one for our electives day (currently Wed) when I block teach The Elders.
  16. Yellow Pages of numbers I frequently need
  17. White Pages
  18. Pocket folder of stamps and labels and things I like to include in letters or cards (comics, poetry, pretty shaped paper)
  19. Homeschool Directory of all the phone numbers of people we have ever co-oped with.
  20. Remember These Things: Important physical or spiritual things I should always or temporarily remember
  21. BSA (Boy Scouts of America) - emails with info I will need eventually
  22. ROM - our sports league - emails with info I will need eventually
  23. Back pocket with extra planning pages in case something runs over my space (rarely happens)
Email me and I can send templates if you'd like

1 comment:

Julie said...


I'm on the WTM boards, and would love to use your templates for your VERY organized and complete binder!

Thanks, and blessings! Julie


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