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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in Review April 19--23

I never got around to last weeks, WIR, so I thought I'd better get started a day early for this one!

We learned about Texas and The Alamo, Davy Crockett (some great stories add to the flavor of this Statesman), and also enjoyed the movie, The Alamo. Boy, what a brave group of people. To stay with certain doom impending! WOW!  It was a real pleasure for me, a girl who grew up in San Antonio, to study this as an adult -- makes all the difference in the world!

The 2nd term of Andrew Jackson and the discussions on the character of Andrew Jackson were fascinating. Old Hickory was both amazing and repulsive. Incredible story, great addition to our Constitution Unit Study.  I wonder if we'll be facing a similar circumstance with our current president and Supreme Court decisions...interesting.

The Trail of Tears, what a travesty.  I can't imagine the audacity of Jackson in making the Natives walk away. Wow. I know history is basically, come, conquer, kick out, but my heart was sad for the people. So sad. We enjoyed many stories from Native Americans this week.The little guys always enjoy them b/c they so often are about animals.A Boy Called Slow was the weeks favorite.

All the revolutionary action going on in Europe at about the same time. I loved the quote, "When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold." -Baron von Metternich How true. I really paid attention to the timeline this week with my Logic Stage children, as I wanted them to see the connection of the Spirit of Revolution, how easy political ties change and how so much can happen at one time! What an amazing period of history! And how incredible that there are so many power hungry individuals over history...and today.

In TOG literature we focused on learning some plot terminology as the children have kept track of plot of The Island of the Blue Dolphins over the last 3 weeks. I loved this when I was young....I still do!  We also read the Ugly Duckling and talked about scripture and using our tongues well. That is always a timely lesson!

Geography brought Texas and a couple more states to our US project. We're starting to get 100% on our US maps :) I love !

In science this week, the Elders all focused on non-metals and finished up 4 experiements in Chem. lab. They are really completing some great notebooks! The Little League discovered Carbon and Oxygen. We even made some carbon dioxide bubbles. They were thrilled. We also tanked on an experiment...we're going to try it again next week. I was kinda glad. It will be nice for them to see science is a work in progress and that scientists must be diligent.

We're describing a food this week in Write Shop....the papers made me hungry at 10pm when I was grading them....I chose carrot sticks P)  This program is really adding to our school year. I am so thankful for it! I will post some of their writing soon.

Moving along in math for everyone. We're so close to finishing!  We also are moving on in Life of Fred with Darling. We are both enjoying it tremendously. I never knew math could be entertaining. Praise the Lord! This book is right down D's alley. We actually have to unschool ourselves to answer the questions. You get so used to boring math, that when you see it presented in real world context, with humor, you almost don't know what to do.

Had a solid week in electives...nothing special, but I am very pleased with my new Latin DVD's. I finally bit the bullet and bought them. I'm so glad. It's nice for someone else to do the Latin teaching for a change! I am so pleased with The Latin Road. They are learning so much and their grades are GREAT!

In Phonics Road, the Little League got through prepositions and have begun possessive nouns. I love the song for 's! Such great stuff from Mrs. Beers. We have finished Week 22 spelling. As a teacher, the Rule Tunes and order of the spelling list provide such a great, continual review. For those who often question if PR has enough writing, try this on for size. This week in PR2, week 22 ends with a 2 day writing assignment. Part one, research characteristics of Uncle George, what he looks like, what he's like, and what he does. We outlined each of those (3 in 2 sections of an outline, 5 in the final), then on Day two, we took our outline and transformed it into a paragraph. Yep. A 2nd grade curriculum that teaches outlining and paragraph formation. I'd say the writing is just fine :)

In PR3, we're still getting off the ground and finishing up the mega spelling review. Almost there! We're reviewing compound words, contractions, abbreviations and writing everything in cursive. Darling's cursive is coming along very nicely. I am also pleased that she hasn't missed a single word on the spelling review. GO Darling, yet Diva!

Just since I haven't mentioned it in a while...Daily Grams. What a treat for me! A 10-min. review, daily of grammar! Fast, easy, effective! We're using it with The Elders and Darling. I think we'll continue next year too. It's a very nice compliment to PR and LR, even though both hit grammar hard, Daily Grams touch on little pieces of grammar daily, reminding us about quotations and other punctuation and other little things we may take for granted otherwise. I'm very pleased with DG :)

That's about it. We'll go to the beach tomorrow evening with our dear friends, the Radford's. We LOVE summer time Friday nights....beach and sangria (shhh) fun! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Norah said...

Wow you accomplished a lot in your week! One day I hope we can do the same. Sounds like a fun week too!


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