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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 3-3-10


homeschooling6 said...

LOL. Made me smile. Now you need to add some words, so we know why he is acting so silly ;)

Tina said...

We call JJ, Handsome, b/c all the girls at the Outreach Center crush on him, so when I saw those fake mustaches, I had to get one for his stocking.

He, of course, loved it and put it on immediately.

Skip over to the shoes. He was with me when I bought them (you know older kids have their own flavor), but I told him I was wrapping them anyways and he'd have to act surprised....thus, the picture, "Wow! Shoes! I never would have guessed!" He is definitely MY son!

TerriG said...

Yeah that funny picture needed those words. Happy ww!

Moonbeam said...

Love the fun he's having!


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