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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is TOG? Tapestry of Grace

Well, besides the lifesaver to a large family TOG is many things.

TOG is a multi-aged/level humanites program, from lower grammar all the way through a RICH, super rich, very solid high school design, that includes books from Classical and Charlotte Mason reading lists. The structure of the program follows the Classical Chronological timeline and includes all aspects of the humanities (history, literature, church history geography, hands on activities, and a writing program).

In addition to suggested readings, TOG includes Student Assignment pages with follow up assignments to work through for comprehension, as well as introductions to literary analysis in lower grades that gradually increase to in-depth and rigorous literary analysis in high school.

Complete geography study, as related to the historical studies per week.

Project ideas that incorporate small parts into whole understanding of periods of history, or simply a weekly activity that is related to study.

A ROCKIN' teacher's notes section that will fully prepare the teacher for a Socratic discussion in the Logic and Rhetoric stages. The teacher's notes also include complete answer guides to all questions, worksheets, anything the teacher will need to not only grade, lecture, understand, and add to the assignments of her students.

It is organized on every level, including a 2-page spread of suggested reading, an overview that includes famous people and vocabulary pertinent to the week of study, as well as, a timeline to tie the Tapestry of History together.

Honestly, I have found that TOG took the best of all the available history curricula and put it into a very systematic organization that is easy to use and rich. It is everything I would want to include in our classical/charlotte mason education, only it's all in one place for me. What I used to spend 6-7 hours every Sunday (honestly, no exaggeration) preparing for the next weeks history, TOG has already done for me, so I now spend 2-3 hours per week preparing to teach 3 levels of history (8 kids in our school).

It is the Mecca of humanities It takes care of everything for me, so I can focus on preparing as a teacher, and spend my time learning, instead of planning.

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WildIris said...

Awesome Post!!!!! Well said! Bravo!!


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