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Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Review March 15-19

Well, this week was pretty nothing...all 9 of us have a cold and are congested, irritable, tearing, coughing space cadets, so we decided to keep to the basics. Everyone did math every day, about 20 minutes of silent reading and computer work. Our history included watching the DVDs on Slavery in Amercia and just trying to keep the house clean amongst the naps this cold has demanded. We've been the flightiest bunch I'll tell you! That glossy-eyed, mouth opened, "Huh? What you say, Momma?" kind of blank stare that histamines rush to the surface and more mucus than I ever thought was possible to gather in one place has surely been in my home this week! So, we enjoy the freedom home schooling brings and drink a ton of hot tea, wrapped up by nighttime cough suppressant, which finally allowed for a full night of sleep for us all. We're not a medicine or pill taking family, but this one called for a trip to OTC aides....try feeling like crud and standing at Wally World trying to figure out whether or not Cough Suppressant comes in 5-gallon buckets. It doesn't, but the generic brand does come in a 2-pack. Yeah for the little things. I have been feeling the urge to slow down a bit, and although I would much prefer to have enjoyed the time off fully, I can say I have almost finished up Sarah Palin's book, finish 2 home school magazines, watched Mall Cop (very funny), and have enjoyed our new games from Beall's Family Learning Games. Good stuff. So, I must go as I've been approached, "Momma, can I have that medicine for coughing?" from the cutest blonde in the house, who looks fabulous with his big brothers tight little striped hat. Handsome boy :) Well or not, it's on like Donkey Kong come Monday...I don't have any more time to give! I want a full summer vacation! Hope ya'll fared better than we did!

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Diana said...

Sorry you were all so sick!! I hope that you can take the weekend and get it cleared up so you can focus this next week!


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