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Friday, March 12, 2010

Week in Review 3/8--3/12/10

This week in Noeo, we're focusing on Calcium. We read, notebooked and completed the old egg in vinegar experiment. Funny how something so simple can bring such pleasing results. We had to cook the egg, of course, so the children could see how the flavor of the vinegar penetrated too. They learned the word osmosis, which I have always thought was  a cool word and process.

Level 2 read for enrichment from our personal library, b/c the book they needed for Noeo was not available. I ordered it online and am still waiting :(

Level 3 worked on  solids, liquids and gases. Much notebooking in science this week!

I decided to spend an extra week on linking verbs. It always seems to be more difficult to understand than action verbs, so I've decided to spend the week, slowly going through the grammar lessons from week 19 of PR1. We continued on with the spelling and literature for this week, as scheduled; however, next week, I'll catch up the grammar and simply review spelling lists 1-20, 5 weeks per day on and allow extra time for free reading, instead of moving forward in literature. This will keep us in equal weeks; review nicely as we're a little more than halfway through the spelling lists; and enjoy some reading time for fun! I like to make reading a treat, if you kwim?

We took the week off of Latin so I can actually learn it before I teach it. I'm a wee bit behind in lesson planning Latin....too bad I feel cruddy from a cold b/c I must do it this weekend...too bad for me.

Vocabulary added 4 new words for the middle schoolers and a review in spanish from our studies.

Math continues with making 10's in addition and subtraction for both boys, although they use different materials. Ax Man works more on mental math in the hundreds, while The Ant is just beginning borrowing. Not been a good week for him. The idea seems to go right over his head, so I've decided to follow a great idea of copywork for math. The Ant Man is very language oriented, so I think this will improve his memorization. Until he knows all his + and - facts, we're no longer moving forward. I can't take the blank stares. We continue to drill on MUS and with Holey Cards.

Bard and Book Devourer continues forward in Life of Fred. He loves it and is finally feeling like a math master! Rockin' Guitar Dude moves to the end of MUS Alg. He'll head back to the middle of Doliciani when he's finished, or perhaps we'll switch to Chalkdust instead (and compare table of contents) so he can have a DVD professor. I can teach Algebra, but time is not on my side!  Lil' Mother has finished her pre-Algebra study, so she started MUS Algebra. She's a math ace, too, so she'll move through it rather quickly. She'll follow Guitar Dude's plan.

History this week will be to finish up a few things on South America for the Little League, while UG focused on Texas, Andrew Jackson, the Abominable Tarrif, the Trail of Tears, and the forced migration of Native Americans. We'll be working toward this over the next couple of weeks, as we finish up TOG, Year 3, Unit 2, Weeks 10-13. I'm hoping to combine 12 & 13, as many suggested, we'll see. The Little Leaguers and Darling, yet diva, have really enjoyed lapbooking. It's a nice break for me too :)

For P.E. we've run basketball drills all week to compliment the fundamental league three of my students are playing in. R.O.M. is great if anyone would like a non-competitive environment to help children learn how to play, and how to really need the first to enjoy the latter!

The middle schoolers worked through lesson 4 this week and will continue to do so, as they describe a circus performer. Although the aren't happy b/c Write Shop makes them daily accountable in writing, as opposed to once a week, we all realize the methodical approach and encouragement to be stylish has improved their writing already. I found I corrected and suggested far less this week than the previous three. YEAH! They'll be ready for high school writing, I'm sure.

Finally, we began our Time Managment Series for Middle Schoolers. I read a few books and instituted the meat of each to develop a master planning system for us all. If Guitar Dude doesn't get organized, I may lose my mind. It has helped for certain b/c there have been fewer late days and my house has been cleaner! Praise the Lord for that alone!

That wraps up our week. We continue on in basketball and Boy Scouts outside of school, as well as, "how to care for a child," as all of my children are learning so much have little ones around. It's an answer to prayer. They'll learn what it means to parent small children so they'll at least have a beginning when they get their own!


Daisy said...

A wonderful week. We had to slow down a bit when linking verbs met predicate nominatives. AGHGHG. LOL.

We teach borrowing the Singapore way and I found using money to demonstrate breaking dollars into dimes into pennies really helped with understanding.

Loved your week.

Laughing Lioness said...

Sounds like a great week. We are working on scheduling/time management and organization, too = )!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your week Tina! I LOVE the new background.

Moonbeam said...

I can't wait to hear how the time management goes. We are working on distributing jobs so I'm not doing all the work.

It sounds like you had a productive week.

Karen said...

Wow - you are amazing. The dollars, dimes and pennies really helped us on borrowing too. That time management sounds great. Wonderful week,


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