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Monday, March 1, 2010

School area...kinda

Really, we school everywhere. We read aloud on couches, in chairs, the backyard swing, butterfly garden, even on the trampoline, but as for teaching time, the dear children (dc) sit at the table and I stand at the door. I hang helpers around the area, as best I can with the walls I have :) 

 I also spend a lot of time teaching from my that I have such a wonderful work station. You can see pictures of everything below. It's all pretty messy at the moment, since we have not done our chores yet and we're still kinda spread out everywhere! I thought I'd go ahead and give a real world cleanin' up yet, so know you all know how trashed we can make our day!(Notice the computer screen. Hey, we all have our priorities!)
my wonderful desk!
my work station where I keep my manuals, library books and other needs for daily teaching
the children's desk and supply area
dining room/school table
bulletin door

We also have single desk space in each bedroom. If they need more privacy, there is a den where they can set up a tray or table. The eldest just got his own little area near the piano, where we moved a desk and his cubby. He needs a focused, quiet, but still where I can have eyes on him, little spot. So far, this is helping him stay on schedule. 
That's about it. It ain't much, but it's home and we're gettin' smarter all the time!


homeschooling6 said...

Love peeking in and seeing other homeschooling areas.
Thanks for sharing!

Tina said...

Did you see my PR door? :)

homeschooling6 said...

Is that the door with the prepositons and nouns?

Tina said...

Yes :) We use the colors for everything. Today, we built sentences for linking verbs using the old construction paper garland idea. It was a great reference point (the door). It also makes me keep the bathroom door closed so the baby will be out!


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