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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Accelerating Phonics Road

Your mileage may vary, but here's how I was able to get through PR at an accelerated pace so all of my children could reap the benefits. Hope it helps :)

Phonics:b/c they were rock solid in grammar, just had a few spelling holes, we spent the summer learning the phonics and rule and grammar tunes. I'd sing a rule, find the matching building code, then do them one page at a time, using my completed teacher's notebook (Foreman's Guide). After we wrote down a word (I dictated the word to them for the BC), we'd sing the song. We'd end up singing the same song at least 10 times that day. They, at that age rolled their eyes at me for singing, but like I've said b4, I hear them mumbling the melodies very often now!

Spelling: I used the spelling review lists from Y2-4 (at the beginning of each level) to practice word markings, after they learned all the phonics. Once they showed me mastery in marking, we stopped with year 2 and went straight to the lists in Y4 b/c it suited their vocabulary better.

Grammar: we skipped for them, other than using the Grammar tunes b/c many of them cross over into spelling.

4th grader:
Phonics: We went through the phonics in Y1 through memorization, games and as we applied them in words we knew.

Spelling: I began the spelling list b4 she memorized all the phonograms and used the envelopes (as Mrs. Beers teaches) to pull letters and focus on vowel teams in the spelling words by designing the words, similar to the tiles in AAS. By the time we got through the year 1 spelling lists (one list per day) we had memorized all the Rule Tunes and phonograms, marking, everything.

Grammar: Very little in year 1, so we just did that as it came up in BC. We ended the year with a review by looking over every building code. 

This took us about 16 weeks total b/c some days we skipped one part, so we came to it the next.  A day a week does take some time, more than you'll use when you go to the regular schedule. The bonus is getting through quickly and that the pace makes a regular PR day seem like nothing!

We then went to Y2 and continued on the accelerated pace. We actually decided to the literature study first. DD loved this part, so we did every bit of the study first, then went back to finish the grammar and spelling.

Spelling: continue on the week/day schedule, adding and learning Rule and Grammar tunes where applicable.

Grammar: week/day...until about 23 or 24. At this point DD needed additional time on grammar. We began school Aug 1, 2009 and were finished with PR 1 & 2 by end of Jan., 2010. That was slowing down to regular pace halfway and easing through the spelling and grammar. I took almost a month off so she could rest from all her hard work! We have begun PR3 and I am pleased at the jump in requirements, her retention, and of course, the great program :)

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Kahala said...

thank you for sharing. Could you share why you chose this LA program? just curious. I am thinking of purchasing PR for my two children.


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