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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly Schedule for TOG 1-TOG week = 1-Calendar week + the pre-planning

Weekly Schedule for History by Day
Monday 1 hour
Vocab/Spelling/Definition – dictionary time as a group to define, then study (lower levels)

Tuesday 1 hour
Geography – Intro. fill out first round map

Wednesday 1 hour
Geography read aloud from Teachers Notes to discuss climate and make lifestyle connections
Project(s) as appropriate per grade level

Thursday 1 hour

Final Geo test, vocab/spelling test If they don’t get an A on the test, they have to do it again every day until they Master
1 Family Hands-on Activity to prepare for Unit Wrap Up Celebration
Place timeline figures

Friday 1 hour
Discussion – group time to discuss all their history and make the overall connection of all fields studied
Tests Geo/Vocab tests (I use the vocab for spelling and vocab)
Writing Assignment (will be due the following Friday each week)
Weekly lapbooking with Axel and Danni
Read General Information for all ages
Read objectives and each level overview
Assign reading (create a daily AR time in schedule; tell to take notes from Text selection)
Go over TOG Wk assignments

When you look at this, there are a couple of things to consider. I have five children. 1 LG, 1 UG, 1 UG/D and 2 D stages, so I have to schedule our time with many schools in mind. I "one room" school were able, and kinda break off from there. Feel free to ask any ??? I'm happy to help. Also, I really do use TOG for multiple subjects, so what I call "History" time is also geography, copywork, spelling, vocab, note taking skills, and reading practice.

Also, I bit the bullet and when I had free time this summer, I printed out all the maps, student assignment sheets, and literature pages in advance. I keep each week in file folders (instead of in the binder) b/c that is my preferred style of organization. I have not done this before, and while there is no problem with doing that weekly or quarterly, I am running multiple levels all day! Every step of prep time matters with this large family!

What is not in the attachments:
Assigned Reading - independent daily reading until they finish, 1hr (maybe 1hr. 15min). D, UG (she needs the time b/c she reads aloud (to herself) to aid with comprehension), 45 LG(3rd grader), 20 min read aloud to LG

read aloud - as time allows, usually 3-4 days per week about 20 min.

Note taking - the UG, D have 20 min per day to make "Famous People" cards (names taken from Weekly Overview)

Geography study - 10 min per day to study their maps

Vocab/spelling study - 10 min per day to study their vocab list --- for the test at the end of the week, I score doubly, one point for spelling correctly, one point for knowing which word. What I do is read the definition, they have to remember the word, and also spell it correctly. I follow the recommendations in TOG for who gets which words, and sometimes include the Famous People.

Honestly, they like some books than others, but by choice, they particularly enjoy the literature and often choose to read those books at bedtime. After years of making my own history, and going on way too many tangents, TOG fits the bill for me and I tend to be really picky. This curriculum takes care of all my levels, and takes care of me!

Teacher Preparation for History
Have finished the eve before the “Day” listed
Summer Preparation
o Print maps (2 copies each student; have them use sleeves to practice and a paper copy for test)
o Print Student Activity pages
o Print Reading Lists
o Timeline and famous people pages
o Print out lap book materials
o Print out Timeline Figures
o File everything in file folders with weeks labeled.
Two Weeks Prior
o Choose books and order from library (don’t forget Art History picture book)
o Choose art and family projects, make supply list
o Read through Teacher Notes, just read them, nothing more
Week before
Read Teacher Notes and take notes on them (1-3 hours depending on prior knowledge and depth desired)
Day Two
o Type Vocabulary and prepare tests (Microsoft Word using Tables, I put this in my folder so I have the same definitions for the next cycle)
o Be Prepared to know Geography
o Make your own Famous People (keep in spiral notebook)
o Shop for Project supplies or get them in order
Day Three
o Have supplies out for Art for the week
Day Four
o Read and make connections to Geography and current study
o Pull family project supplies to complete projects.
o Begin preparing for discussions by reading Student Activities Answers for Student Worksheets
o Pull out next weeks folder. Highlight what you’re going to read. Order library books for the following (2 weeks away). Pull out any needed spines I own.
Day Five
o Be prepared for discussions
o Hand out next weeks info (so they have the weekend to work on reading)

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