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Monday, November 9, 2009

What's going on in our TOGland?

Seems like I should not sign up for a blog roll since I'm terrible about posting, but I'll give last week, well, the last 2-3 weeks a shot! We have wrapped up Year 2 and started Year 3. We ended by finishing up our poetry project. The unbound project will end as a book with proper tables of contents, glossary, etc. and include works from the older 3. To their shock, they have enjoyed this project.

Diva has written all the articles for her Colonial Newspaper. I still need to help her organize it in Word (a lengthy learning process), but she did a great job of designing her paper with some fun, ads and interesting writing. This is her first major project of this kind. The other will be contributors, even the little guys!

The Littles have focused on a few famous persons from that period of time. I am hoping they will simply grasp the purpose of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Everyone has memorized some of the Declaration. We will continue to do so until the older four have memorized until the list of complaints against King George begin. The younger boys have memorized the famous, "We hold these truths....pursuit of happiness." They presented their orations during our family night and unit wrap up. We did not sew costumes this time, instead dressed in red, white, and blue and enjoyed some modern American cuisine. It was a nice evening. They did a super job in presentation. I may have them present their work in its entirety to a local veterans community. We love our vets. Thank you for your service!

Geography is rolling along. We're pretty solid there. I added a new drill time by using . The website has some neat games we can use for geography practice. Just perform an on site search and find what you need for drilling. Works great!

Speaking of online drill places, we have added two websites to our daily studies: Spelling City and Quizlet We use Spelling City for our spelling list and we use Quizlet for a variety of vocabulary words. The wonderful thing for the teacher, many lists are already available from other users! AWESOME! Time saving and easy practice. The dc love being on the computer, so why not! This, of course, heightens my need for another computer. The current "Children's Computer" is, well...ancient. Running on Windows '98 and s u p e r s looooooow! It's not the greatest for videos of any kind! AND, I hate when they use my computer! Selfish, yes. And?

So, I think that's really about it. American history is alive in our home. Something amazing to see are the parallels, and often lack thereof, of modern America and the founding of our nation. Although there is much secular history to our nation, there is also a great deal of Christian heritage. On a modern front, both "sides" try to deny the other, but in truth, there was much representation of both. The truth, as I see it, we are about Religious Freedom, more than religion or not. Worship how you choose. Some things notably different, though narrowly include: using bibles in public schools; many of our founding fathers and signers of the first four legal documents of our nation were either ordained ministers, seminary graduates, or religious leaders in their time. Along the same lines, I have learned there was great divide then too! Not everyone signed the Declaration immediately. Not everyone voted for the constitution happily. And most shocking, delegates actually spoke these words paraphrased, "We need to hear what our people think!" Can you imagine? Politicians actually voting for their constituents. Wow. If only that were the case today. Then again, apathy was probably just as high then as now. I enjoy history. I should have been a political science major and ended up on tv as some talking head. Hey, I like to talk!

That about sums up history. I AM getting a camera for Christmas, so I'll be able to have lots of pictures again! TTFN!

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