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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Unexpected Feelings of Loss

My tia (aunt) was taken earlier this year in a completely unexpected fashion. One of those stories you read about and can never really come to peace with. An out-of-character moment from someone else beloved that leads me to this post.

I remember her at the oddest times and the sorrow fills my heart. Walking out of the grocery. Driving down the road. Seeing someone who looks like her. Just thinking about my goals as teacher and mother.

I see her pictures on Facebook and I smile, but am still filled with sadness. I guess there is a place of disbelief. I can't believe I won't talk to her again, I won't see her again. It's unreal. I can't really break down and cry. It's more of a slow and crawling pain that makes its way from my mind to my heart and sometimes back to my eyes.

I miss you, Tia. Your beautiful laugh. Your amazing smile. And your desire to foster love in all you do. I miss you.

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HeatherLee said...

I know the feeling. My Aunt and Uncle were taken at the same time in a freak car accident in 2001. It's amazing that where thoughts of them pop up. I still forget they are even gone.


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