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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boy, oh Boy Scouts! I'm really gonna like BSA

So, my boys started Boy Scouts last month. I had heard, twice in fact, that having the Eagle Scout was comparable to a National Merit Scholar designation. Wow! That's a pretty big deal and seems like it will also entail some very nice benefits -- like understanding of outdoor living for one! So, we went to the local troop and liked what we saw. Strong leadership, active and ready to encourage anyone willing to work and learn a great deal about the wide world of scouts. With help from our loving grandparents and by the free grace of God we were able to get uniforms and other things they needed to get started. The boys came home one week ready to do an individual "special project," keep track of five chores, and the following week a family chore all in preparation for the Family Life Badge. I really like Scouts (big cheesy grin!) Last night was our family's first Court of Honor.

Court of Honor is held about every six months to acknowledge the growing accomplishments of Scouts and Leaders. We started with about an hour of eating. Still lovin' Scouts! They brought the Publix fried chicken, families brought the rest. We watched a video of the past 6 months camping adventures. I can't wait for my boys to get out there and live in the wild! We ended with award ceremony and the Scouts had to clean up. Now, I really love Scouts! Boys cleaning up...did you catch that? I don't know about you, but all the other group activities I've participated in end up with Moms and a few dads cleaning up. Scouts is rackin' up the points for this old girl! I look forward to the day I get two Eagle Scouts wrapped up, with the third not too far behind!


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