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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant

In 1997 John, 1 y.o. Johnny, 6mo. old Jeremy and I moved from Atlanta to Florida. Our plan was to try and buy our first house. I told Oman I wanted a house with a fenced in back yard so I could have a dog. In my mind, a family just isn't a family without a dog. Low and behold, I got my wish and we moved to a little place in Largo with a nice backyard, just spacious enough for a picnic table, swing set, shed and room for a puppy to grow along with the little children. We signed papers on September 9, 1997, moved in on the tenth and picked up our pound puppy by the end of the month. We also made baby #3 by the end of September! It was a very busy month!

Welcome home, Sabrina, a rescued stray shepherd/setter mix from the Pinellas County Animal Control. We spent a couple of days looking at local places and finally decided on, Sabrina. I loved her big ears! She was so cute and sweet as she could be. Kisses abound. Gentle with the toddler. She was the one. We brought her home.

Like most puppies, we struggled through some chewing and potty training; we even had to take her to the emergency clinic once as she chewed through a lamp cord, electrocuting herself. The way she swayed back and forth, shat on the floor, foamed at the mouth...scared me to death. I thought she had rabies! I called John at work, locking myself and the babies in a bedroom. He came home and found the cord. Poor, stupid, puppy.

One time she even chewed up Omans 2-day old cycling the tune of $250+ for a pair. Let's just say, she never chewed any shoes after that day...Oman was Not so happy.

She loved to knock over all of our diaper babies and bolt out the door for an afternoon run of the neighborhood. I was too busy trying to figure out how to train children, much less spend any training time with a dog! In time, though, she mellowed out and became a wonderful family dog that would not leave our sides and stopped runnin' the streets!

She never like other dogs much. She hated when we gave any attention to another beast. It made her a nervous wreck. The shepherd guard personality was strong in her. She would run the perimeter of the fence and herd the children. Once a friend tried to hop the fence and Sabrina grabbed him by the seat of his pants and pulled him back in the yard! She was not letting any of her babies escape - not on her watch!

Through the years, she was a faithful evening companion to Oman. He worked late and she would Always greet him with wagging tail and whimpers for affection when he came home. Always. She loved her daddy. He loved his good girl. She guarded our home when he was not there, always sitting between the family and the door. I believe she would have given her life to death for us. I know her purpose was to protect her family. She was a good dog who did give her life, faithfully to her family, every day.

She got hit by a car when she was young. Right in the hips. She was fine, but the spot grew arthritic fairly early and that seemed to slow her down. Over the past couple of years, she's gained cataracts and we noticed her hearing slipping away. Finally, this past year, she lost weight, got some bumps, and her skin was so irritated that she never stopped itching and scratching. Her health faded very quickly over the past few months. Today, when Oman came home, she didn't even get up to greet him, she just laid in the middle of the floor, tail wagging, whimpering, waiting for him to come and love on her.

We decided it was time to end her pain since she could hardly sit without crying, never came to the door, didn't hear cars pull up anymore, and barely ate. It seemed like the humane thing to do. Humane, but still hard. This morning, Oman took her to be euthanized. It has been a tearful day.

My children do not know life without her. They can't remember a time when she was not in their lives. They have some beautiful memories. She helped them love animals. She protected them. She helped them learn responsibility and caring for those less than themselves. She showed them unconditional love better than I ever could and she epitomized the words faithful servant. Well done, Sabrina, our good and faithful servant. We love you. We will miss you dearly. You have done well.

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Heather said...

What a beautiful tribute to you sweet doggie. . . .


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