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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week in Review 9/14--9/19/09 TOG Year 2 Unit 30

I'm hoppin' on the's our week in review for school and I'll save the best for last!
We have begun studying the Revolutionary War. What an amazing time in our nation's history! I see the independent nature of this country and why people fight so hard to keep capitalism alive, as entrepreneurship was in many ways equivalent to survival in the days before America was called America. I love teaching history. I am learning so many things...if only I could borrow George Artman (a reference to my favorite history teacher, ever).
We are making connections to, "There is nothing new under the sun." via The Sugar Act, Stamp Act and Townshend Acts. In other words, government needing money and/or control; therefore, taxing citizens, who weren't (yet) crying for a break from their government, but becoming stir crazy because they felt no representation amongst their government leaders. De ja vu. The names were changed, Parliament not Congress, King not President, Whigs/Torys not Dems/Republicans. I must admit concern for the next step...Revolution. I digress, sorry...I really have been pondering such. Anyways, back to lessons!
The little guys are mastering their geography. They can find the states and major cities of Colonial Times, talk about the French and Indian War/Seven Year War fairly well. We read The Matchlock Gun by Walter D. Edmonds -- what a GREAT book. It really gave a living understand of what it meant to be afraid your home would be attacked and burned. The little guys get it. They drew pictures, gave narrations, and enjoyed some youtube demonstrations of matchlock guns. They also read about the Boston Tea Party. We practiced our own tea dumping by making some sweet tea for lunch...not really the same, but we talked a lot about tea and the East India Company over our sweet tea lunch. It was fun. Finally, using America in the Time of George Washington, by Sally Senzell Isaacs, I think we are painting a picture of history well.
Middle child, Danni, has really enjoyed learning about Paul Revere and continuing the experiments of Ben Franklin, via The Ben Franklin Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments. She's currently creating a weather station, full of gadgets Ben Franklin would have made. I'll post pics when she's finished everything. She also really like The Arrow Over the Door by Joseph Bruchac. She actually doesn't have to be finished with that until next week, but didn't put it down.
The boys and Sam, who is unhappy about her promotion into Dialectic, continue with their spines, George Washington's World by Genevieve Foster (thumbs up), The Struggle for Sea Power (haven't heard yea or nea), Streams of Civilization, Vol. 2 (my 2 concrete thinkers J, S like it, while JJ likes the biblical references) and The Story of the Thirteen Colonies, by H.A. Guerber (which I love and they all dislike). They have, enjoyed their literature selection a great deal, Early Thunder, by Jean Fritz. Fritz's work has oft been enjoyed in our home. A great combination of quality and adventure. I highly recommend it.
Ongoing projects include: History of Colonial Fashion for Sam, Science experiments for Danni, History of the American Flag for JJ, and a replica of the first American flag for Johnny. The boys are finishing up a replica of the Liberty Bell this to follow! The little guys projects are cooking, mostly. We made Johnny cakes (which we ate before I photographed), tea and coming next week, pumpkin soup (fingers crossed for that one!). The book Hasty Pudding, Johnnycakes and Other Good Stuff by Loretta Frances Ichord has been yummy!
A nine week newspaper project for Danni is coming along and I have required each student to contribute, as well, one article. Sam is being smart and using her writings on Colonial Fashion for her project and newspaper submission. They boys haven't decided where to go yet; although I'm encouraging some military strategic information. They love the topic, it makes for interesting reading, and I enjoy it, too!
We sang Amazing Grace all week as recommended; a plus for Antonio, who needs to learn our hymns.
We also saw the ten year build up over taxes and individual control come to a peak as the First Continental Congress left states in agreement to train citizens for war...ominous music is heard in the background.
We got our first peak at the industrial Revolution too...Gotta share this! Sam,especially, enjoys sharing what we're learning with her dad via little quizzes, so she can show her daddy how smart she is, so she says, "Daddy, do you know who invented the first steam engine?" Oman, "Stanley Steamer." I rolled over that one! Sorry, James Watt, although you made the most effective power source of your time, that changed the course of history, we'll never forget Stanley Steamer now!
Finally, we touched on what was happening in France, Prussia, Russia and Poland. It seems the absolutism of the monarchs was in jeopardy as war was breaking the banks and silly notions of young rulers were creating angry people. I look forward to our next trip here history so I can really hit hard Marie Antoinette with Samantha. She's an interesting character in was a great week.

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