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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Updates, revisions and the ongoing process of Scheduling

Well, as with any program, with home schooling we must revise, revise, revise. I'm at a point in home schooling where I can tell pretty quickly when I need some revising in a subject, curricula or schedule. So far, our choices for the first two are working very well, but the latter was in need of some tweaking. So, I'll post our revised schedules. I am so fortunate that my oldest can work well independently. All those years of instilling and hand holding have finally paid off in full, at least it appears that way :) Ya never know though until the fat lady sings (that would be high school graduation :) ).

I am also dumping the Workboxes. I have no need for them, so they're just taking up space on my lovely shelves. Great idea, just not necessary since I have so many other things for organization. I am pleased to reclaim the space for the things I use in that my teacher's manuals :)

Let me know if you have any better ideas for those schedules or if you'd like some suggestions for yours :) Happy home schooling!


momof4sweetsisters said...

Very nice schedules. I want to see pics of those shelves. I think I won the great book check race! They are learning soooooooo much more! It's paying off:)

Just had a coffee shake....ahhhhh...

Tina said...

scroll on down and see the little white shelves and my new board...which I love, by the way!

And by book check race, I think you mean TOG? I hope so and I'm so happy it's working for you!


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