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Friday, August 28, 2009

A Novel First Week of School

Well we officially started our 2009-2010 school year this week, although it seemed rather unofficial. For starters, no girls. My foster parents took my dear daughters home on Saturday and have had them for the week, so instead of them starting with me, I sent them with some reading. It worked out, as I had planned to review the last chapter we completed in Zoology anyways, and Danni has been doing her math for 2 weeks voluntarily. Samantha is ahead an entire workbook in her math (she's a math whiz) and we haven't added our electives yet, so it was really a blessing. They have had a blast and my foster Mom and Mom L has gotten to celebrate her cancer recovery with my baby girls. I miss them though. Not nearly enough estrogen in my house when they're gone!

Their absence has allowed me to spend some much needed time with my new student, Antonio. He's a charming and intelligent 6 year old. Let's just say I am NOT impressed with the education he received in his K year of public school. According to what the Gilbert Academy standards have set for K, they didn't teach him squat! Fortunately for him, he had a great K4 eduacation at a nic church school. Fortunately for me, he's a quick study and I only anticipate this inconvenience for 6-8 weeks. He has been a pleasurable student, actually better behaved than my youngest, who is flexing his "I get my way" muscles. Yeah. Not pretty. We're gonna nip that in the bud Real quick!

Our plans for the next month or two will be to add in the little pieces of our school day each week. Thusfar, we're hitting the basics: History, Science, and Math for all, with Phonics and Spelling as remedial work for the lot. I have the older child reading aloud and practicing geography with the little boys so I can finish my lesson planning. I still have a bit to plan and I intend to do so each afternoon for the next month. Not really following Tha' Plan this week, as I have spent extra time on phonics and spelling and have enjoyed some time with friends in the afternoon. It'll be back to business after this weekend though. Having the girls back will force me to be SCHEDULED simply b/c if I'm not, I won't get it all in. Sigh.

It's gonna be one heck of a hefty school year. I'm not excited about the hard work, but I am thrilled about the content: Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Zoology, Chemistry, Literature studies from Little House and Marguerite Henry, and a deep, connected understanding of language arts; and, although I'm not happy about Algebra, the very idea that I have three dc in three different programs pleases me because it means I am teaching to their needs, a goal that is often easy to toss aside for convenience sake.

Before I know it, this year will be a blurr. They all are. I am just pleased that a)I can still home school. It is a great joy for me. 2)I don't have to work this year. Nuff said. iii. I have great kids. They're not thrilled to work so hard, but they are showing signs of understanding that our hard work is not in vain. They are beginning to see the light of college at the end of the tunnell and all the benefits their thourough education will bring them later. For that clarity, from teenagers, makes them great enough for me!

Happy home schooling friends and may my publically schooled friends be active, involved and an advocate for their child's education. Any child can be successful in school, any school, so long as the parents are on top of it!

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