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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sometimes a girl needs a little spontaneity!

After a full day of chores, exercise, shopping and laundry, I decided at about 7:30pm that we should go to the beach for a quick evening of fun. I hadn't even considered the glorious sunset we would witness. It's amazing at how HUGE the sun looks, then disappears into the sunset as a sinking egg yolk into the sea. The children were amazed at how bright the sky still was, although the sun was "gone."

We went with our friends, the Greens. The water was shallow, so the big kids went pretty far out and the little guys, Axel and Antonio, body surfed for a long time. The baby (just over one) screamed and splashed in pure joy and Alexander, the 4 year old, just ran and laughed the entire time -- except when we buried him! He kept saying, "Bury me, Daniele. Bury me!"

I was standing in the water and felt something bump me. Not slide over me, like a fish, but bump me with a bit of weight. I looked around and right about that time, Johnny said he saw and felt a nurse shark. After a moment or two, or three, he headed back in, remembering our Marine lessons and that nurse sharks are docile. It was exciting to come into contact with an amazing little, although sharp toothed, creature. In all my years in Florida, this is only the second time I've witnessed a nurse shark. I'm not scared, but completely fascinated.

We ended the evening with our friend, Mr. Joe, jammin' on some glow sticks while Antonio broke down the beat with some old school beat boxin'...I can still hear his jam in my head. It was a great celebratory evening spent with good friends. What a wonderful world we live in! Enjoy the slideshow!

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Little Ducks said...

How exciting!

I have an award for you on my blog. Come on over and spread it around.



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