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I love the Lord as much as a broken person can; love and loved by my husband; blessed by 5 amazing little people who have helped me to learn much about me; grateful to serve even more as God gives them to me; blessed every day to be a home school teacher; college student; I hope to change the world by loving as many people as possible, because there is nothing greater than loving another.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tag, I'm it for Julie and Tracy :)

My eight things, etc. list. I've been tagged twice, so I guess I'd better get on it!

8 things I look forward:
1)scared, but looking forward to the Lord's return.
2)Time alone with my husband.
3)Growing old with Lisa :)
4)Axel's high school graduation.
5)Lazy days with my kids at the beach
6)8:31 pm (lights out at 8:30 around here!)
7)Snuggling up to a good story with my children.
8)The hugs and kisses the children in my life dole out each day at random

8 things I did yesterday:
1)planted a vegetable garden
2)took a nice walk on the trail with my husband.
3)laundry -- lots of laundry!
4)Taught my children about Elizabeth I, Queen of England
5)did some reading on the trampoline for myself and with Axel
6)hung out with Alicia for a bit in the afternoon. It's always nice to enjoy my favorite Greene!
7)reheated lasagna

8 things I wish I could do
1)read more adult focused books
2)spend money freely
3)Have more hours in the day
4)lose 50 pounds without diet and exercise
5)grow old and be alone with my husband faster
6)Take more family vacations
7)be quiet and patient all day
8)while John rides his bike and races, travel around in an RV and do school wherever we go.

8 shows I watch:
1) American Idol
2) Smallville
3) 24
4) Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles
5) Grey's Anatomy
6) Private Practice
7) Scrubs
8) So You Think You Can Dance

I'll tag Kim, Lisa, Alicia, Gwen (even though they don't blog, I'll shoot for an email!

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