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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Garden of Perfect Timing

A few weeks ago I was reading someones blog and saw pictures of the caterpillars in their butterfly garden. I sighed and thought, "Okay, what did we do wrong?" We planted a butterfly garden this past fall for our dearest daughter D and I haven't seen much action, but before I finish this, I want to let you know a bit about Daniele (D).

D has an amazing gift -- she recognizes beauty. The kind of beauty that surrounds us all each day, but we're too busy to notice. D finds impressive color groups and notices the way light changes them so you can see shades of purple and green. She comes home with wild flower bouquets worth buying. She takes the time to stop and smell the roses.

While we love this about her, this gift sets her apart in many ways, in particular by making her appear really girly, contrary to the household as a whole, where black and white thinking rule the roost and Boyland is obvious. I am girly, but still have that Plain Jane/Tomboy side to me. I have prayed how I can nurture each of my children's gifts and believe I should nurture this one too, this love of beauty in my daughter, by showing her the beauty behind God's creation as the most mystifying, most amazing, and most beautiful of all. I hope this will teach her God's creation is everlasting, with phases of live and death, and renewal. My hope is to raise a person who is beautiful inside, because as beautiful as she is outside, beauty fades just like trees appear to die each winter ~ it is inevitable.

So, back to that garden. We planted in the fall just outside of our front door, and my office window. It's kind of trafficy, not ideal for butterflies, and also a bit shaded. I was worried too shaded, but it was a nice size and at a place I will not neglect, the front door, so I went with it. We planted, knowing we'd have to wait 'til spring before we got any real flying insect action. And now to those photos on someone else's blog. I was disappointed and assumed our attempt, although growing well, had failed because there were few to no butterflies. I guess I'm not just blind to beauty, but also to butterfly eggs because the other day I walked through the garden to check on the local aphid population and discovered about 20 tiny caterpillars! I was very happy and proceeded to call out the troops so we could all enjoy them. Today, as I look out the window, there is a viceroy enjoying some milkweed and a colorful lot of striped caterpillars ~ and boy are they big and fat!

I gather from this lesson that God's timing is perfect. I looked at what another had and wanted it (I'm a coveting coveter who covets)and when the timing was right, I was perfectly touched by the beauty in front of me. How many times do we walk beyond the beauty and look elsewhere for fulfillment? My dearest D has the gift to see the beauty when it's there. She can hope for the new blossom, but she still enjoys "just the leaves." I am thankful that she shares that gift with me and am sure it makes me a better person. She is really a lovely creature all by herself.

As an ode, we'll be reading, The Hungry Caterpillar today. Of course, since I know I have a gift for language, we'll be reading the spanish version (wink)! We all gotta share our gifts if we're to better understand all the beauty that surrounds us. Y me gusta leyendo en espanol!

I thank God for Danni. She is her very own beautiful butterfly and living with her helps me to enjoy the process of patience I find in a garden of perfect timing. Te amo, Skootch. Tu estas una hermosa mariposa.


Dion Family Adventures said...

What a great reminder. I , too, am lucky to have a little one that finds beauty in things I all too often overlook. I find that he is my teacher much of the time. Life's lessons in unexpected places- a joy of living!

Astor said...

Live Butterfly Garden That's Good!!


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