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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Sweet Story about a Sweet Story

When my boys were small, I read Will You Take Care of Me? by Margaret Park Bridges again and again so my boys would always remember I would be here for them forever. Well, I continued that tradition with my girls, but somewhere along the way, the book got buried amongst the masses of books collected and dear Axel never got the chance to enjoy the story. Well, while purging recently (my big 6 book purge) I came across the book and read it to Axel. An instant favorite! He wants it in his book basket for bedtime stories. Sweet already, I know, but the candy just keeps coming.
Today, for his reading practice, Axel and I were deciding which book to read and he asked if he could read Will You Take of Me? I said sure and we snuggled up on the couch. I read the Momma parts. He read the little kangaroo parts. I could cry. It was so sweet and such a precious way for me to continue enjoying a story I have surely read 100 times.
For the future, I plan on saving this book and giving it to my first grand child. Then I will promptly find other copies to give to the rest. These are the sweet things I think of when I think of family.

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