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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Johnny's B-day Highlights

Well, let's just say waking up yesterday was not my idea of a good thing. For starters, I'll say but one word, Obama, but that's for another time and place; then of course, D--B-day. I plan to reject that my son is growing older b/c although by date he is 13, I'd say he's young at heart, so at least I'm a winner there. Plus, O-man (that's my husband) has declared that Johnny is grounded for life from his 13th birthday. "That'll keep your momma happy." he correctly declared at the dinner table.

My boys (all three of mine and their best friends, aka "The Stepchildren" b/c they're always at our house) love to play Army. They get in full camo, paint their faces, shoes, the whole nine yards and carry on shooting, spying, and being invisible over the 1-acre, tree surrounded area on which we live. In addition, they watch a lot of military forces tv. Recently, they were informed that sometimes, before what is expected to be a lengthy undercover mission, soldiers will have steak and eggs, a Hearty Manly Meal, b/c it may be the last meal for some time. Sounds heavy, greasy, and even prisonlike to me, but hey, who am I? I've never been on a secret undercover mission overseas! So, via tradition, the birthday person chooses the dinner for the day and we had steak and eggs, finished off with turtle brownies and ice cream. Since Johnny is grounded from being 13, I, of course, only put 12 candles in his ice cream! :)

Johnny received gifts from grandparents and I think we're going to use his birthday money and finish off the balance to buy his some K2 rollerblades. Practically speaking, I don't want to do this cuz he's going to grow out of them in a few months, but it is his money to spend, so we'll see if he learns a lesson in this.

I often tell him (and all of the others), "You're my favorite." What's funny, I think Johnny really believes he is. That's fine by me. He is special in so many ways and I love my ever growing boy. I just wish he'd slow down on this growing thing. I may have to ground him from that too!

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