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Friday, November 7, 2008

All Work and No Play Makes Tina a Sleepy, Grumpy Girl

The economy has hit us since we are a service providing business. We've owned and operated a cleaning company since 1997 and with these hard times, some of our clients have dropped or cut back on cleaning services and we also dropped a few accounts we thought we needed to drop. The combination has been tough on finances. We were making it, but hardly, so two months ago, I found a part-time job that could accommodate my already busy schedule of home schooling. I was fortunate to find a job at all as John had applied to several places with no avail. So, for the first time in 12 years, I am working regularly and it looks like that won't change for a while.

My job is easy, a no brainer, really. I'm a clerk at a local convenient store. Those with whom I work are characters. I often feel like I am in the middle of a sit-com, every person plays a part, even me. It has given me a chance to really see the community I serve (on the Planning Board for our city), the chance to help bring in some money, and I think reminded John of all I do at home, since he is Mr. Mom 4 nights a week now. We are working together well to take care of the children and house and I feel a strong sense of appreciation from him.

Although it is working, I really miss being home. I miss my children and bed time stories. I miss my emaculate house. I am struggling to keep it as clean as we prefer, but when the day is done, and I'm home from work at 10:30 or 11:00, the last thing I want to do is clean house, so the corners aren't as clean, or the windows not as shiny, but it's still tidy. John waits up for me, so we are still enjoying our evenings together.

The children have been fabulous. I am proud of how well they are doing. I do think they miss me too, so it has given them a sneak peak at how much I do, and how much they appreciate me (or not). The older ones are helping to pick up my slack and it is encouraging to John and I to see the fruits of our labor. They are growing up (sniff, sniff), but at least some of the time, we feel like we have prepared them for what lies ahead.

All in all, I am hoping this won't last forever, but am grateful for the time now b/c the money is helping and it has lifted a stress off our home. Whether or not it will bring more stress on us as a family remains to be seen. Two months just isn't enough to tell. We'll to school....astronomy waits for no mom!

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